Bang Lam Phu Museum

Hetitage Route 11: Bang Lam Phu Museum


                            Bang Lam Phu Museum is a new learning center in the community. It has been in operation since 2012. The L-shape building near Pom Phra Sumen Fort has a historical significance in publishing. In 1932, the Ministry of Education established Wat Sang Wetch School, Thailand’s first Printing School which was turned into Kurusapa Printing House. After the termination of the lease agreement, the Fine Arts Department registered this printing house to be a national historic site. Treasury renovated the building and turned it into Bang Lam Phu museum, a learning space and public library. There are temporary exhibitions, permanent exhibition of Treasury department and the history of Phra Sumane Fort, city wall and Bang Lam Phu community.


Address: Sumane Road, Chana Songkarm, Phra Nakorn District, Bangkok

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H11: 邦喃蒲博物馆


一个新的社区学习中心博物馆,佛历2555年 (公元2012年) 成立。是个L字型的建筑物,连接帕素棉堡壘,与印刷业历史有关。佛历2475年(公元1932年) 教育部成立 Wat Sangwech 学校,泰国第一所教印刷术的学校,後来改为Kurusapa印刷厂,当租用合同到期,艺术厅宣佈印刷厂为国家古蹟,後来,财政厅进行装修成为博物馆,作为财政厅的研学中心及社区图书馆。里面经常举办展览会,轮流展示财政厅的职责与业绩,帕素棉堡壘的历史,城墙的历史,及邦喃蒲社区的历史知识等等。



地址: 曼谷市,帕那空区,帕素棉路

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