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Welcome to the largest and most extensive hop-on-hop-off sightseeing tour in Bangkok

A plethora of fascinating experiences in Bangkok await to be explored with Siam Hop, hop-on-hop-off sightseeing tour. Not only do the bright orange colored buses enable tourists to travel to the city’s major and well-known attractions, they also provide visitors with the ability to experience many hidden gems previously not found on a tourist map. Siam Hop’s comprehensive routes offer tourists better access than ever before to move around the city at their own pace.
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INCLUDES FREE TICKET for Museum of Siam OR Bangkok Canals hop-on, hop-off Boat!

Enjoy unlimited hop-on, hop-off sightseeing bus travel and get the most out of our dynamic and contrasting city.

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Adult 799 Baht | Child 400 Baht

2 Day Pass

INCLUDES 2 FREE TICKETS to both the Museum of Siam and Bangkok Canals hop-on, hop-off Boat.

Spend a little longer at Bangkok’s major landmarks and take advantage of the extra time exploring the many obscure delights awaiting discovery.

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Adult 1,300 Baht | Child 700 Baht

3 Day Pass

INCLUDES 2 FREE TICKETS to both the Museum of Siam and Bangkok Canals hop-on, hop-off Boat.

Embark on the ultimate Bangkok adventure, with 49 Stops on four very different routes, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to hop off and acquaint yourself with the ‘City of Angels’.

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Explore Bangkok with Siam Hop

SIAM HOP sightseeing tour?

The original restaurants at Sam Yan CBD Route12: The original restaurants at Sam Yan   Sam Yan used to be so packed with delicious restaurants. Now some have moved out but you can still find famous shops. SiamHop would like to recommend a legendary congee shop, Sam Yan Congee or Joke Sam Yan which is famous for its aromatic congee with […]
Rod Dee Det by Nop CBD Route12: Rod Dee Det by Nop   This beef noodle shop has been very well-known for more than 50 years. Nowadays there are branches all over Bangkok. It started from the father’s generation when the fame was well-recognized in Bangkok. The current generation […]
Bangkokian Museum CBD Route11: Bangkokian Museum   This ancient Thai house complex is a heritage of Associate Professor Waraporn Surawadee who inherited the house and asset from her mother. Assoc. Prof. Warapon’s wish is to build a Bangkokian Museum or Local Museum of Bangkok in order […]
Harmonique CBD Route11: Harmonique   This Thai restaurant has been hidden behind an old wooden door and a giant banyan tree for more than 27 years. It was started from an intention of 3 Thai-Chinese siblings who want visitors to experience the warmth and […]
JAM CBD Route11: JAM   This art gallery is situated in an old row house perfectly blended with the community. It is a major space for underground art in Bangkok. It exhibits experimental art by both Thai and international artists. There are non-mainstreamed movies […]
JUA CBD Route11: JUA   Who would believe this minimal Japanese food bar used to be an illicit casino? After the casino was closed down, Chef Adkins who is passionate about Japanese food has transformed this old casino at the end of Soi Charoenkrung […]
Warehouse 30 CBD Route11:Warehouse 30   Warehouse 30 is hidden in Soi Charoenkrung 30 which is developed to be a new hangout spot for teenagers. Inside all 7 warehouses is an array of shops for clothing, jewelry, florist’s, and records. The Selected Shop selects design-accentuated […]
New Heng Kee CBD Route11: New Heng Kee   This Cantonese restaurant has been a favourite spot of Bangrak community and tourists for more than 60 years. Whether you have low or high budget, New Heng Kee can satisfy your stomach with a choice of over […]
Street Art, Charoen Krung District CBD Route10: Street Art, Charoen Krung District   Street art of Charoenkrung are the remains of the Art Intervention in 2016. Graffiti artists were invited to transform walls on old buildings on Song Wad Road, Decho Road, Surawong Road and Charoen Krung Road. […]
Silom OTOP Center CBD Route10: Silom OTOP Center   If you would like to try delicious and affordable food or to buy local handicrafts, please visit Silom OTOP Center under the expressway. OTOP or One Tambol One Product is a project aiming to stimulate Thai local […]