Khao Sarn Road

Hetitage Route 11: Khao Sarn Road


                            The current picture of cluttering pub and bars lined along this short road would be hard for you to imagine the origin of its name. This road was once the largest rice trade center in the city in the reign of King Rama VI. Time flies and hippie movement emerged. More and more tourists came and stayed on this road due to its convenient location for visiting Rattanakosin island. Guesthouses mushroom to accommodate flocking backpackers. More and more shops, restaurants, pubs and bars are opened up. Khao Sarn Road is sure to be one of the first words that backpackers know when they ride a taxi to their first destination in Thailand.


SiamHOP Recommends: Check in at the popular Brick Bar, Hippie De Bar, The Club which have been standing as all-night entertaining places that have never disappointed tourists for  more than 10 years.



Address: Khao Sarn Road, Chana Songkarm, Phra Nakorn District, Bangkok

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H11: 考訕路 (大米路)




後来到了嬉皮的时代,嬉皮们都流行到此地来,租住这区的小客栈。因为地点很好,接近拉达纳哥信区域的各个游览区。使很多背包客慕名而来,小型的Guest house,酒巴,餐厅,商店等等 也逐漸随着游客的增加而增加,直到今天的繁荣现象。Khao San Road变成背包客们首选,一出机场,就叫出租车直奔此地。



SiamHOP 请参观: 一定要到最流行的游玩点,例如: Brick Bar,Hippie De Bar,The Club 等等。




地址: 曼谷市,帕那空区,考訕路

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