Thammasart University

Hetitage Route 10: Thammasart University


                           Thammasart University or the University of Moral and Political Sciences was established in 1934, 2 years after the revolution which brought democracy to Thailand. Thammasart University is founded to educate people about Political Sciences, Laws and Economics. At the beginning the lectures were taught along with the political movements in Thailand such as 14 October 1973 uprising and 6 October 1976 massacre. Today there are still forums and exhibitions organized in memorial of such events.


                           SiamHOP Recommends: Try a coconut inside the university. The coconut seller will make a hole for you to drink up all the juice and then he will crack and scoop the coconut meat for you to enjoy right there. It’s only THB 25 per coconut, the best price in this area.


Address: 2 Pra Chan Road, Phra Barom Maha Ratchawang, Phra Nakorn District, Bangkok

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H10: 法政大学



初期的教学方式是政治市场,经过多次的政治风暴,及各年代政治运动,例如: 1973年10月13日,1976年10月6日事件等等。使今日还经常举办政治言论活动,




SiamHop 请品嚐: 大学校内图书馆附近的椰子店的椰子,与众不同的是,店主先在椰子上钻孔,让客人吸完椰水後,劈开後把鲜美椰肉取出,让您站在店面吃完。椰子25铢一个,这区里最好亦最便宜。



地址: 曼谷市,帕那空区,帕珍路2号

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